Shop online securely and anonymously at Internet merchant websites where Visa is accepted

Make purchases at retail merchant locations where Visa is accepted electronically

Send money instantly to virtually anyone with an email address

Transfer funds directly to your bank account or use your Capital Management Ltd.  Visa Card to withdraw funds at over 1 million Visa and/or PLUS ATM locations worldwide

The Visa Virtual Account is a 16-digit Visa Card number with an expiration date and a CVV2 number. Capital Management Ltd. Visa Virtual Account Holders can send and receive money among each other, make online purchases wherever Visa is accepted and transfer funds into a US Bank Account via the online checking system or by a bank wire transfer. A minimum load of US$25.00 is required to obtain a Visa Virtual Account. Loading the Capital Management Ltd. Account with a credit or debit card will cost US$5.00 per US$100.00 loads, or portion thereof.

Capital Management Ltd. offers consumers a debit Visaor MC Account that is obtained instantly online.

• Send payments to vendors, affiliates and customers instantly
•Process credit card, US check and cash transactions
•Withdraw funds at over 1 million ATM locations worldwide
• Shop online safely and securely where Capital Management Ltd. Visa & MC Cards are accepted

Clear much more checks electronically:
· Cashier Checks
· Money Orders
· Business Checks
· Personal Checks
·Receive funds quicker:
· All transactions before 8PM received 
·Lowers monthly chargeback’s:
· Requires client to visit branch to 
dispute transaction.
· Client has only 40 days to dispute 

CML Card™ from Capital Management Ltd. provides next-generation financial products and solutions to the unbanked consumer. The Company employs a scale able, transaction-based business model that is driven by its focus on its highly targeted customer base. The Company’s primary objective is to provide these consumers with a low cost, easy-to-use financial product, that enables them to transact regardless of income level, credit history or immigration status. The Company’s initial product, CML Card™, is a next-generation pre-paid debit card, also known as a stored value card. This card is easy to use, convenient to access and provides unbanked consumers with the ability to deposit funds, make purchases and ATM withdrawals, and transfer money safely and securely, often at significant discounts to traditional products.

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The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (or Check 21 Act) is a United States federal law (public Law 108-100) enacted into law October 28, 2003 by the 108th Congress. It took effect one year later, on October 28, 2004. The law allows the recipient of a paper check to create a digital version, thereby eliminating the need for further handling of the physical document. It paves the way for the industry to save billions of dollars and increase the speed in which checks are processed.
Consumers are most likely to see the effects of this act when they notice that certain checks are no longer being returned to them with their monthly statement even though other checks are still being returned. Another side effect of the law is that it is now legal for businesses to use a computer scanner to capture images of checks and deposit them electronically, a process known as remote deposit.

Capital Management Ltd...

CML Card™ from Capital Management Ltd. Holding Corporation offers a money-saving program to reduce the tedium of payroll processing:

Find a way to significantly increase your company's payroll Direct Deposit participation,
especially for your employees that do not have bank accounts.

Reduce or eliminate the hassle and expense of payroll check distribution.

Provide a new meaningful benefit to your employees - at no cost to your organization now or in the future.

Instantly issue payroll cards to new employees and give existing employees quick, safe access to replacement cards.

Implement a payroll card program in your organization easily, successfully and hassle-free.

Find a payroll card provider whose only focus is supporting payroll cards.

Receive dedicated client service for your company and industry-leading customer service for your employee cardholders.

Capital Management Ltd..

The CML Card™ is a non-personalized, stored value debit card that consumers use to deposit funds, and then access these funds by making purchases, complete payments, and transfer money securely worldwide. CML Card™ carries the Maestro/Cirrus logo and can be used anywhere that Maestro debit cards and Cirrus ATM cards are accepted worldwide. Safe Bank Card™ is used like any other debit card or check card. The consumer prepays the card by loading monetary value on the card but is not required to have a credit history or a bank account.

The prepaid value loaded on the card can be used by its owner or designated secondary cardholders at participating retail PIN-based merchant locations for purchases and ATM’s worldwide for withdrawals. Purchases or cash withdrawals are deducted from the account until the loaded value is spent. The card can be reloaded as often as a cardholder desires. Additionally, payroll deposits can be loaded to this debit card directly from an employer. This can provide substantial savings as compared to a regular check cashing transaction.

Check Cashing

What is Check Cashing?

Check cashing businesses offer quick, convenient and personal solutions for people needing access to their personal finances. Check Cashing businesses serve millions of people of all income levels, every day, all across the United States. In recent years Check cashing businesses have evolved in both name and function. In addition to offering the basic service of Check Cashing, many check cashing stores now dub themselves as financial service centers, money service businesses, or neighborhood financial centers to reflect the diverse number and types of services they offer their customers.

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